Laundry Room Inspiration

If you've ever checked out my house tour, you may have noticed the laundry room is M-I-A. That's because I'm secretly a little scared of my laundry room. Occasionally I'll toss in some dirty clothes and detergent from the doorway with the hopes that that the clothes will wash, dry, and neatly fold themselves so I don't have to set foot in there.

But, for real, the room must be tackled. And, with school starting this week, I think now is as good a time as any for a fresh start.

My laundry room is teensy tiny. I'll post pics soon. I've been trying to come up with small laundry room ideas. Here are some inspiring laundry room designs that are getting the wheels in my brain turning.

White like this is nice and bright when it's clean. (Would I be diligent enough to keep things so sparkly in my own laundry room consistently? That's another story for another day.) Love the chunky butcher block.

Aqua is always such a cheery color for me. I've been leaning toward a little more blue on the walls in my own space.
Here's a naturally crazy awkward laundry room space that some creativity, organization, and vision has made delightful. I like the serene, neutral color palette and the bits of d├ęcor mixed in.
 Making a drying board like this has been on my to-do list for eons. This would serve double duty for laundry and regular use around here, especially in winter, with a zillion scarves, gloves, snowpants, etc. hanging out in my house (mostly on the floor) all day. Every day.
 I've always secretly loved a checkerboard floor.
 Particularly a B&W checkerboard floor. I'm drawn to serene laundry rooms for some reason (they seem more clean, maybe?), but this room is funky and fun!
 This is about 14 times the size of my laundry room, so it's like comparing potatoes and pineapples, but I like the casual coordination of baskets here. Not super matchy-matchy, but still well thought out.
 A fantastically inspiring laundry room right here. Love all the soothing colors with a coupla pops.
Anyone have any great small-laundry-room tips for me to consider?
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  1. I'm working on our laundry room too. I'm thinking a light gray with a pale yellow damask on one wall, then using yellow accents in baskets, shelving liner. Our room shares a door with the garage - thinking of painting that the blue you painted your front door.

  2. I just recently saw a model home that had a tiny bathroom and on the one blank wall they painted it all a light grey then added a pop of color and shape with two giant diamond shapes in white - it really added a fun dimension to the room. Another great idea I have personally used is coat hooks for hanging items to dry - like bras, panties, tank tops, etc. that you don't want to throw in the dryer. It's a quick and easy solution! They make affordable wooden ones with nice hooks at Target, Ikea, and places like that. Good luck!


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