Mismatched dining room chairs

Hey everyone.

I'm currently in the process of working on some dining room chairs for the freshly painted dining room table. I think an eclectic mismatched situation, with just a hint of cohesion, is more my style than what's going on currently at my dining table. But I've got some tricky resources to work with, so I'm trying to get it all figured out.
Which means I'm hitting the cyberwaves for some much-needed inspiration. I'm good at sharing. I'll share:

This room is bold, which I like, but I almost feel like everything is trying a little too hard. Overall, I like the idea behind the dining chair cushions' coordinating.
Oh heavens. Yes, yes, and YES. Everything.
Alternatively, I do love a dining bench as well. I grew up with two benches at our family table, and now I kind of want my kids to experience the tugging adjusting squeezing jostling bumping that comes with it. Plus, you can always squeeze in "just one more" dinner guest... :)
Major vintage feel to this dining, ah, "set." Love the looseness and casual vibe. Also, because the chairs are so low-backed, they don't draw too much attention to themselves. Which is, to me, endearing.

Both styles below are mid-century, but the chairs' mediums are completely different. A fancy person's version of "mismatch."
I like this kind-of-random jumble of chairs.
Love the subtle-yet-apparent differences in the mismatched dining chairs here. No, really. I love this.

Anyway. You get the idea. But my very most ultimate inspiration photo, the one that I'm trying to work into our own space, is this guy:
Next up: painting the walls white and adding delightfully undersized bits of vintage art. And also, stealing a church pew.
Just kidding. I won't get around to doing that stuff. But wouldn't it be great if I did? Because then I could practically have this dining room!
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  1. So happy to see that you're back to blogging!
    I love dining rooms with mismatched chairs! My favorite is from A Beautiful Mess, they're all mismatched but painted the same color, a bright yellow.

  2. Superb interior decoration..!!!
    Fascinating color scheme..!!Fire Engine Kids Bed

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