Faux Bois in the Living Room

This post is sponsored by Lamps.com. All opinions are 100% my own.
When Lamps.com approached me a little while ago about featuring one of their lamps, I ran - not walked - to their website to check stuff out. Like a greedy little... I dunno. Whatever's something very greedy and overly excitable about lighting options, I guess.
This lovely contemporary lamp sang to me from the cyberwebs. (Which isn't easy, btw.) It looks a bit reddish in these photos. In real life, the color is a pretty, rich shade of chocolate.
I love the streamlined look of the entire lamp - a simple base, slim lamp stem, and adjustable height feature. Design elements are neither overlooked nor wasted.
And, although it was a hard choice of lampshade (honestly, I kept going back and forth between about five of them), you just can't go wrong with faux bois. 
A table lamp is just what the corner of our living room has needed for a long time. (For real; we've read many a chapter squinting in the not-quite-sufficient-for-reading light of the track lights.) And this one is perfection.
Also, I just have to say: the original lamp base was damaged during shipping. I contacted Lamps.com and they promptly sent me another one, free of charge with no questions asked. Two thumbs up for that convenience in customer service.
What lamps are you guys loving lately? Have you added any faux bois to your décor? I'll admit it freely - I'm in L-O-V love with this trend.
Do what you want, but I'd highly recommend checking out Lamps.com - the fantastic lighting options they've got will astound you.

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