Girls Bedroom: House Tour

So, TECHnically when we moved in, this room was a boy's room:
(Hah! Yes, there's a boy in that bed. You can see his arm. Kind of.)
(Photo taken circa 2006.)
 For household noisiness purposes, we changed it into a nursery a couple years later.

(Photos taken circa 2009.)
 Then circumstances were such that we needed to turn this into a room for our two older girls to share. Repainted, restyled, re-everythinged...

(Photos taken circa 2011.)
They love playing in this space, so...success!

Welp, that's the history of this girls' bedroom. I'd like to change a few things up and out. One day. But for now, they love it and I love it! (When it's clean.) (Which is, like, never.) (But how important is that, really?) (Pretty important? Oh. Rats.)

Update on girls bedding here.

For your viewing pleasure, tour other rooms in my home here.
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