Main Bathroom: House Tour

Here's the way our upstairs (main) bath looked when we moved in:
(Photo taken circa 2007.)
 It was pretty blugh, I'm not going to lie. Peeling and on-the-verge-of-molding wallpaper, a gross chipped countertop, and vanity drawers that didn't work.
A bit later, we painstakingly peeled off the wallpaper, did a subtle textured paint job, and replaced the mirror and sink/countertop and fixtures.

(Photos taken circa 2009.)
We've since replaced the old tile floors and the entire vanity (except we reused the countertop and undermount sink on the new vanity). I have lots of ideas for this space.
Updated photos forthcoming.
For a peek into other works-in-progress, check out my house tour.
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