Nursery: House Tour

There's something about a plastic Dora bed that screams "style." I can't put my finger on it, exactly, but I'm pretty sure interior designists everywhere are flocking to take a look at this space:
(Photo taken circa 2009.)
It may not look it (perhaps you're distracted by the stylish toddler bed? it's understandable), but this is a teensy tiny bedroom. The smallest. It was our daughter's for a long time, until she grew up and moved into this room with her sister.
Then my son didn't want to sleep in the basement anymore, so we painted the room grey and white, found Dora a good home elsewhere, and moved him in here. Rats, no photos.
Then he decided he liked being in the basement after all, so we moved him back downstairs. Just in time to prep this room for Baby #4.

To be honest (maybe BECAUSE she's baby #4?), I didn't spend a whole lot of time creating this space into a showroom. I had great plans to make it fabulous, but they just didn't come to fruition.

And I'm fully aware that this rocking chair has to be one of the ugliest pieces of furniture known to man, but I'll tell you this: another much cuter (but less comfy) rocker was in here previously, and after the first night of having baby home, it was promptly swapped out for this basement-dwelling beast. It's super ugs, yes, but it's even moreso super soft, super comfy, and super appreciated during those newborn all-nighters.

(Do I sound defensive, or what? Because I'm not. I love that chair now. I'm just, y'know, explaining. In a nursery, and where budget requires choosing one or the other, function trumps style. Every time.
For other inspiring works-in-progress (you're reading the sarcasm, right? good.), click here.
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