Master Bathroom: House Tour

Okay, I would pay lots and lots of money if somehow someone could conjure up a nonexistent photo of our master bathroom when we bought our house. It had hideous floral wallpaper (for the record, I have absolutely nothing against wallpaper as a rule. just the hideous stuff I have a problem with.) paired with a yellow stripe (remnant seen below).
(Photo taken circa 2006.)
It's a pretty teensy bathroom to begin with, but the large vanity meant there was zero walking space, the shower door (or our shins, which was always awesome) would bang into the drawers, and the linoleum was just plain gross.
Annnnnd as we were redoing the floor we discovered that about 1/3 of the floorboards were rotted. That's always encouraging.

So. We painted, put in a tile floor, added a storage mirror, installed a pedestal sink, put in towel hooks, and redid the shower from yucky old tile to cultured marble.
It's nothing fancy (there's no room to be fancy here!), but now the master bath looks something like this:

(Photos taken 2012.)
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