Master Bedroom Makeover: Floor (or How To Clean A Flat Weave Rug)

Master Bedroom Makeover
Day 3: Floor (a.k.a. Chevron Rug)
** Note: This post is part of a 12-step series in my master bedroom makeover. Links to the other (previous) steps are listed at the end of this post. 
So. We've got our inspiration board and have painted our walls. Today, we're going to tackle flooring...before we deal with furniture. See, isn't that so insightful of me? And plan-aheadish? I'm not normally so in tune to effort-saving chronology. Hooray for getting old & lazy.
You may or may not recall this post about how I painted a chevron rug long ago. Well, it hung out in our basement for a while, but then I had to use it outside (too long a story to tell you) (you're welcome), and it got, in a word, nasty.

Shockingly, I never got around to cleaning it. (Enter: eerily foreshadowish organ music.) Until today. Because I need a neutral yet patterned rug for my master bedroom, and this one will do just fine...if I can get it clean.

Some serious black marks on the fibers. To get rid of them, I pulled out my go-to cleaner for ev.ery.thing: OxiClean. If you guys have never used this product, you're missing out on the whitest whites and stainless...uh...est stuff around. This is miracle-in-a-carton, I'm telling you.

I cleared the tub free of debris ("debris" actually sounds suspiciously like "barBIE," an apt coincidence in our house of 3 little girls)...

...and filled it about half full with warm/hot water and a heaping scoop of OxiClean. After stirring it around enough so the OxiClean dissolved, I put the rug in there, swirled IT around to make sure all parts were wet and mostly underwater, and let it soak for a few hours. (You don't want OxiClean to dry or crystallize on your stuff, so about every hour or so I went back in to stir the rug a bit.)

Holy hannah, that water got nasty. Ugh.
The rug is fairly large, but because it's a flat weave, I was able to throw it into my washing machine solo and wash it up/rinse it out. If I couldn't do this, I would've probably taken it outside to hose down.
About 30 minutes and more than a few washer thump-thumps later, the rug was done. Not wanting to strain my aging dryer (and because I didn't know how the latex paint would take a high-heat drying session), I hung it over the railing to air-dry.
Turned out good as new. (I heart you, OxiClean!)
Here it is in the master bedroom. I may or may not change it around over the next few days. As you know, I have to sit with things in a space for a while to see if they really work or not.
Tomorrow is Day 4: Headboard. 

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  1. Replies
    1. I was amazed, frankly, at how clean it got. OxiClean strikes again! The stuff is amaze-balls. (I only wish I got paid for how often I said that. You sending your e-scouts out here, Oxi? Huh? Huh? Because I've got about 18 true-story anecdotes to your Cleaning Power o' Awesomeness.)
      Ahem. Anyway, thank you for visiting and commenting!

  2. yay I love oxiclean and flatweave rugs that you can put in the washing machine. I think I'll try putting it in my front loader at delicate and only use oxiclean and no detergent. I use it also to get every stain possible out of my daughter's clothes...however, it hasn't worked on acrylic craft paint...

    1. Hmmm, haven't tried acrylic paint yet. Good to know. But, seriously, that stuff is unreal in how clean it gets stuff. I heart it!
      Thanks for coming by, Carissa! Good luck with your flatweave cleaning...let me know how it goes.


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