Bedroom Makeover: Bedding

Guest Bedroom Makeover
Day 10: Bedding

**Note: This is part of a 12-step bedroom makeover series. Find the previous steps at the bottom of this post.**
You guys. For some reason, I have been dragging. my. feet. over doing this duvet cover. I don't know why. Just getting close to the end of things here, and this was one of the last gigs, and I have just been feeling super duper lazy lately.
What can I say, January does that to me.
Thus, it is with great pleasure (and relief) that I present to you today...the guest bedroom bedding!
Quite possibly the easiest task of them all, ironically enough. I had some old white curtains and sewed them into a duvet cover. Because the curtains were thick and of high quality fabric but were just a few inches too short to ever be curtains around here again..
Then I got a yard of fabric from my go-to online fabric store (Premier Prints Towers in Sherbet/Soft Grey), cut it carefully into strips, and sewed it on as a Greek key trim. Same for the pillowcases.
It's super simple bedding, which happens to be my favorite, both aesthetically and pragmatically. Not that a zillion layers of soft gushy throw pillows isn't beautiful in its own way. Just, y'know, not for me. (And, now, not for my guests. Heh.)
That being said, I still need to add trim to the bedskirt. I'm thinking navy velvet would be pretty, but there's already so much blue going on. Hmmm...
Come back for Day 11: Throw Pillow. Because (a) it's in these pics, and you're dying to know how to sew one of your own, or (b) you're just a nice person. Either/or.
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  1. Just amazing what you have done! I wish I had the stamina like you do to finish home projects! I've been slowly tackling our backyard make-over... 6 months later... !

    Adore you blog! I am a new follower :)

    Jessica ... Come stop by sometime! Thanks!

    1. I don't know if it's stamina or a compulsion to see things finished...mixed in with a little bit of "if I finish this project, then I get to move on to the next one." My head's always spinning with new ideas!
      Welcome, Jessica. Glad to have you along for the ride. And backyards are serious business...I look forward to checking yours out.

  2. Love it!! You always make the best stuff out of recycled fabric!

    1. I just remember my mom's sewing room when I was growing up, stuffed to the brim-didly-im with fabric spilling out of everywhere. I love, slash, don't love that idea. Sure, I like to have fabric at the ready when I'm tackling a project, but I feel like it's such a waste if I don't at least try to reuse stuff, you know? I dunno. I think I'm getting weird in my old granola-embracing age...
      But thanks, Crystal. I like how the bedding turned out, and the fabric is pretty heavy-weight quality, which I love. :)


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