New Living Room Curtains and a Can of Worms

You may or may not be familiar with the evolution of my living room. If you're new here, let me catch you up to speed photographically.
Phase 1: Just moved in. Sadness. Embarrassing.
Phase 2: About 6 years later, slowly evolving. Read all about it here.
Phase 3: Pretty recent, colorful updates. Read all about it here.
Current Phase: New living room drapes, and I swapped out the loveseat for these two chairs.
My own reaction? NO! No no noooo! This is not what I had envisioned. Bleck.
Let me try to redeem myself as a home decorating blogger, though, and tell you my living room ideas to counteract the major fail: Paint the walls and change up the two chairs; they're no good here.
I like the Louis ghost chair in the corner; my kids love to come and read here, they think the chair is awesome. (I agree with them!) Needs a reading light, though.
My family and I love the view out our large front window. Especially when the trees are still bare and you can spy the mountains. (One of the very few benefits of the drawn-out winters here.) Unfortunately, you can't see the view here, either from the brightness of the outdoors or from your being distracted by my beautiful feet. Seriously. I should be a foot model.
Anyway. I think I'll bring back the grey loveseat for the time being, until I can find something else more suitable out here. And then bat my eyelashes an awful lot at my beloved husband during a let's-repaint-the-living-room conversation. Don't let his sagging shoulders and deep sighs fool you. He loves those convos. Trust me.

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  1. I love your honesty in showing the chairs, even though they didn't work for you..super cool in my book:) And those curtains rock!

  2. Haha my husband loves those convos too!

  3. If you ever want to ditch the cold and barren mountains of Utah, I think you should move in next door to me in sunny, warm Georgia. Seriously. We could hang and you could redo my entire house. Ha!

  4. The curtains are great. Very beachy and airy.

  5. That transformation looks great! I love the way you improved living room. I especially adore that mirror over the fireplace because it gives off such a classy feeling. I have done improvements inside our house too, and I am fond of large mirrors. I even asked professional help to install one on your living room and bedroom. When my husband saw how it looked, he immediately thanked me for doing such thing. Maybe next time, I’ll install glass doors and sink in our bathroom to complement our newly-bought tub.

    Bonita Bramer

  6. Wow! Your living room sure looks different from before. The transformation is quite fascinating, from being plain to being a nice and lively living room. Your new curtains look good as well; they are in coherence with the theme of the room. Thanks for sharing!

    Roxie Tenner @ Window Treatments Philadelphia


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