the thrift store gods have smiled upon me

I've been super lucky in the thrift store/consignment store finds lately. Does that ever happen to you? Like, you can find everything you need (and more) for a great price, and all is well in the world. And by world I of course mean your wallet and your hallway. Momentarily.

You may recognize some of these pieces, like the bench and gold tray. The gold tray serves as a drum for my baby (and holds magazines on the coffee table in its spare time), the wood trays are now cute chalkboards, the professional frame holds a great vintage print in my son's bedroom, and the rugs are in the kitchen and back entry.
Got this beautiful original oil painting for $30 at a consignment store. Love the colors. Love the fact that my super-talented artist friend fixed and seamlessly painted over a tear in the canvas that I discovered after I bought it. Good as new.
This random brass statue of a heron, or egret, or whatever graceful long-legged creature, was scored for about $4, I think.
I think he feels right at home on my living room shelves. I think I'll name him Murphy.
Anyway. Hooray for one person's junk and another's treasure and all that.
Also, I kind of feel like I'm partially redoing a zillion spaces lately but am not really making any improvement. Maybe I'm even making things worse. Like yesterday's brutally honest post about my living room curtains FAIL.

I keep telling myself that maybe things have to get worse before they get better? Actually, no, not always. Sometimes they just stay worse. Case-in-point: My mom, chatting on the phone while giving my 10-year-old-self a haircut, kept trimming it shorter... and shorter... and shorter... The end-result haircut? Not better. Much, much worse. Sadness.
Anyway. That was decades ago. I'm over it. Totally. I think.

So, thrift gods, if you can hear me... I could use a pair of sumptuous chairs like this one. In this same cobalt blue velvet and for less than $30 apiece, if it's not too much to ask. Thanks a mil.
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  1. If it helps, you aren't the only one with your eye out for blue velvet furniture lately. I keep remembering the sofas my grandmother got when she hit her midlife-whatever. It was after all her kids had finally moved out and she decided she could finally get to have her livingroom look like the better homes and gardens models of the time. All rich blue velvet, plush carpets and white accents.

    I kind of wanted to find something in that late-60s-early-70s kind of look just as a little visual link back to the furniture I wasn't allowed to put my feet on at my grandmother's place as a child.

  2. The trick for finding your blue velvet chair will be to go to the thrift stores looking for something else. There's some weird thrift store karma where if you walk in looking for something you will never, ever find it.


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