Backyard Shed: In the Works

We've been working really hard on building a shed in our backyard this summer. It's a small little thing, not even 80 square feet, but you wouldn't know that by how long it's taking us to build.
And if you don't know how that is, I guess I'm jealous of you and your building efficiency. We're amateur builders, following guidance given by shed-building library books, what can I say.
(Mmmmmm. Libraries. Little bits of heaven on earth, second only to old-fashioned brick and mortar book stores.)
(Remember those?)
Our backyard is fairly small, so we had to build the shed in the corner. It was too close to the property line to lay a foundation, so we used cement piers instead. (Apparently, this makes the structure "temporary" for all legal intents and purposes.)

Also, last summer we had our sprinkler system put in. The layout of that system, coupled with our absolute non-desire to move pipe at this point, meant creating a custom (translation: oddly shaped) shed shape.

More after the break.

We're about a foot and a half away from the fence...hopefully we can get the nail gun back there to finish the walls and siding!

The cement piers, though convenient for our circumstances, were fairly brutal to get level. Mostly because our plot is riddled with non-level surfaces. But we did it! With only minor, and whispered, cursings. So. Gold star for Paul and me.

She runs a tight ship, this one. Eagle eyes.

After we completed the floor, Paul's dad came to help frame it up. It went up pretty fast, even with all our rookie mistakes, just a few hours on a Saturday morning.

I guess my saying that "it went up fast" is relative.

Window spot.

Odd door spot. It'll have a ramp, for easy lawnmower access.

 Some of the sheathing is on the exterior walls at this point. I've been trying to find inspiration for what to do with it once the construction is completed. How to paint it and landscape around it and such. While I've got a few ideas in mind, here are some others that I'm liking, for various reasons.

Love the coral/salmon door in theory, and also the hidey-lattice on the side there. The colors are a little too attention-grabbing for our shed, though.
 Oh, how I love the green on the roof and all around. And the gingerbread trim and arched door is cute. Mostly, this is pragmatically inspiring to me because of the abundance of flowers all around and the flagstone walkway.

This quaint little earthy number is beyond adorable. Ours will look nothing like this, let's be real here, but I love it all the same. Cuuute window shades.

This color, a warm greeny bluey grey, is so simple and so stunning. I especially love it with pops of pink flowers in the flower boxes.

Colors on this one are fantastic also, as are the nautical-ish lights. Truthfully, this is probably the direction we'll be heading. Maybe.

I like how the exterior of this (albeit intense) shed is given as much thought as an actual home. Two words: spiral topiary. Geesh.

This one reminds me of a jacket or something from the 70s. Which, really, can you ever go wrong with that look? Answer: No. No you can't.
You all know how I love a bold door. I adore the colors of this one, although perhaps a lot of the charm here comes from having such show-off-able French doors.

Probably a tad too sweet for my taste, but I still can't help but let out a mental "awwww" when I see this. Lace curtains? A polka dotted tabletop? C'mon. Admit it. So stinking cute.
Okay. That was fun, but I don't know how helpful it was for me. Now I want to do fifty things all at once.
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