Backyard Shed: Progress Update

In addition to giving our tiny laundry room a much-needed facelift, we've been pretty busy around here with our Infinity Project (aka, building a backyard shed). Wanna see where we're at? Do ya? Huh? Huh?
After framing the shed walls, Paul and I built seven trusses. We then begged my father-in-law to come help us put them up.
My father-in-law rules.
Three ladders and a few hours later, the trusses were attached to the roof.
See more after the break.

Still not sure about how the door area is going to turn out. See those guys floating out in la-la-land? Hmmm... Fingers crossed.
Then, again with the help of Paul's dad and brother, the roof and wall sheathing (plywood) were installed. No photos. Rats.
Then progress was stalled as we took a family vacay to Hawaii for a couple weeks. Somehow we found a way to forget about the stalled shedwork. Somehow.
Got back home from paradise, and Paul did some roof work, with felt paper and a metal mesh venting strip over the roof point (whatever the name for that is - the top of the triangle, where we'd left a venting gap in the plywood). This was the last photo taken before we took him to InstaCare. Eight stitches on his wrist from an accidental encounter with the edges of that wire mesh stuff. Ouch.
 That night (right after getting his stitches, crazy man), Paul finished installing the tar/felt paper. We then installed the window and door, with flashing tape around both.
For us, Labor Day really was a day of labor, as we finished up shingling the roof.
Our 9-year-old son looooved being up on the ladder, handing his dad the shingles sheets.
So that's where we're at. A shingled shed awaiting soffits and siding. Cross our fingers that we can get most of that done this weekend, so we can get to the fun part: Paint!
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  1. Nice Job! We thought about building a shed...kinda still want to...but I think we felt like it would be a never-ending project. Maybe next summer??? Along with dreaming about a deck and patio! :)

    1. No, seriously, Crystal, it is the epitome of Never Ending Project. The outside of the shed is pretty much done, but now my husband is dreaming (dare I say salivating?) about getting the shed's inside rockin and rollin. I can understand that, though. It's how I feel about pretty much every room in our house... Good luck to you with your (next) summertime building plans!


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