Strawberry Girl Strikes Again

You guys, if you're looking into growing your own vegetables, a box garden is TOTALLY the way to go. I can't tell you enough how awesome it is...once you get past the hard part of building and filling the boxes with great soil. We absolutely love ours, and the crazy part is, it's wildly successful even though we're amateur green thumbs. Love a good success story!
Know who else loves gardening (read: strawberry) success? This little innocent. And by "innocent" I mean "strawberry klepto."
She always sneaks into the garden to check out the strawberry patch. Green, pink, or red, she doesn't care what color they are - she'll pick them and eat them, stems and all.
A rare fistful that actually has reddish color.
She's a girl of few real words, but this facial expression translates into: "I suppose I'll wait semi-patiently while you pick me some. But make it fast. And make them numerous."
"Yessssss! Gimme."
"Another one?! I'm the luckiest girl in the world! And you're the best mom! And super pretty and not stinky at all, even though you haven't showered yet and it's mid-morning!"
Quick-as-a-cat reflexes, from my hand to her mouth. 1 strawberry = 1 mouthful.
She'll eat these things until she's sick, but I'll admit, I have a hard time ignoring this level of joy.
Have a very happy weekend, friends. Thanks for stopping by.
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