Girls Bedroom...inspired every which-way

I've been kinda sorta mebbe thinking about updating the girls' bedroom over the past couple of months. Mostly because they want bunk beds. Mostly because they want to be able to play the game where, after lights are out, the top bunkee can go "fishing" by lowering a toy food shopping basket tied to a shoelace over the side of the bunk bed as the bottom bunkee puts toys in there and tugs gently on the shoelace for the toy-filled basket to be raised a la fishing pond at school carnivals.

Not that I ever stayed up way past bedtime playing that game with my bunker siblings growing up. Or that I told my kids about it. And how much fun it was.

Oh. Wait.

Anyway, since they're set on bunk beds, I thought it would be fun to freshen up the whole space. Problem is, I'm having a hard time deciding what direction to go. And, aside from the bunk beds, my daughters don't have any definite plans or opinions.

Here's a random collection of girls bedroom ideas that caught my eye, for one reason or another. Don't even try to figure out the method to my madness in this post. There ain't any.

Great colors in this one. It's sweet without being too girly.
This one keeps a fairly monochromatic color scheme but with tons of varied patterns and textures. Fun idea for 5- and 7-year-old girls.
I absolutely love a teensy bit of black amid a sea of pastelishness. So chic.
This is a really pretty creamy-white on the bunk bed frame. Versatile.

Love the clock! And also...cute butterfly garland for a younger girl underneath.
I don't know how or why, exactly, but this eclectic space speaks to me. The colors are so rich and vibrant and unexpected, and the combo of patterns is killer. My favorite space in my girls bedroom hunt so far.

Individual mirrors for each of the girls. Yes, please.
Not exactly a girls bedroom in a specific sense, but I'm completely smitten by this photograph. Maybe it's the breezy gauzy white curtain, or the imperfect painted wood floors? Whatever it is...I'm inspired all around.
Individual reading lamps at every bed are a must-have for budding readers. Check.
And last but not least, a linen heart pillow similar to this one would be a totally easy DIY, and the girls would love me forever. 
Anyone have any inspiring, non-overly-coordinated girls bedrooms they'd like to direct me to? Pretty please?
Regardless, thanks, as always, for stopping by.
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  1. i love laybabylay's shared room concepts!

  2. i love laybabylay's shared room concepts!


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