Painted Stair & Stair Runner Inspiration

My stairs are bugging me. Because they're carpeted and matted down and just blugh, you know?
You guys know I like a racecar stripe in home décor, and this one looks both classy and neutral.
Stripes in general make me happy, and on a staircase is no exception.
I mean, how can you not love this, just a little bit?
Or maybe, because I've got stripes on my staircase wall already, a different pattern would maybe be better. This modern floral is kind of fun, but I don't think it would translate onto a stair runner rug very well.
Oooh, how about something geometric, like octagons? I love octagons! (I'm decisive like that.)
This Dash & Albert runner is so great, right? Love it.
Okay. Back to the drawing board. But I really think even painted stairs would be an improvement over what we've got going on right now. My question is: Can you paint over any old tread subfloor and have it still look good? Hmmm... I might just have to try it and see for myself.
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  1. My stairs are hideous... they are blue, thick carpeting.. One of these day's I'm going to rip the carpet off to show off the beautiful wood hidden underneath, and I'm definitely going to get a nice runner like the ones you've posted! They all look so great! Especially the colorful stripes.
    Keeping it thrifty


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