Easily Customized Ikea Wall Lamps

As much as I love Ikea's affordable furniture designs, I don't usually take their products at face value (as evidenced here, here, and here) (and I guess here). Meaning, I typically change them up in some small (or big) way to make them unique and better fit my space and style.
Even the tiniest changes make a big difference. For example, I got two Kvart wall lamps for the girls to read in their bunk beds. They weren't my first choice of lamp, but I was getting desperate.
They were...fine, I guess. But I wanted my girls to have something a little more special than a straight-from-the-box cheap-o silver light. So, with the help of a little spray paint, I gave them a straight-from-the-box cheap-o gold light, instead. I'm sure you'll agree: much better. Right, guys?... Guys?... Friends?... Aw, nuts.
Anyway. I left the cord in the bag and Frog Taped everywhere else where I didn't want paint.
After making these necessary preparations, I proceeded to cover the lamps in two light coats of gold spray paint. (Apparently, I like a touch of gold in a reading lamp. Rorschach that out for me, will you?) Mounted them on the wall as easy as you please, and BAM. Golden light from above.

Here they are, double-mint style. The cutest thing is when I come to tuck the girls in at bedtime and one of them is propped up on pillows, asleep with a book on their lap, lamp a-blazin'. Good thing they're LED.

I'm just glad the little ladies are happy and feel special. That's really all I'm going for. Well, that, and an easy project crossed off ye ol' To-Do list.

(Check out the entire girls bedroom makeover if you'd like!)

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  1. I love the lamps on the wall. We gave each of our kids clip on lamps to their beds and it just doesn't work very well. One is already broken and they hang really close to their heads when the sleep. I'm so stuck in the box with what comes, I never think I can make it better after buying it. I need to break out of the box. ;)

    1. I momentarily considered clamp lamps, too, but then didn't for that same reason - the light doesn't get far enough away from them to make them function as well as you'd think they should. I put these lights up probably a month ago, and my girls have loved these. Highly recommended...with or without the golden spray paint. :)

  2. I so want to do this!! Wondering - have you had any problems with the paint not being heat resistant? Does the metal part of the lamp heat up? Would love your thoughts. Hoping to attempt soon! Thanks!


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