How to Combat the "Gimmes"

On occasion (okay, fine, FREQUENTLY) I get a huge case of the "gimmes" in which I want stuff that's newer, better, brighter, more different than what I've got already.
(Frankly, this can be a very expensive medical condition. Especially when I've got a healthy "gimme" list going on for nearly every room in my house...) 
What I'm about to reveal to you is an embarrassingly honest display of what I do to combat this malady. It's a pretty fail-proof prescription, really. And it brings me satisfaction and contentment.
Ready? Here goes:
I clean.

For many of you, this is a no-brainer. Of course cleaning is good! you're thinking to your scrubbed little selves. Not for me, though. I'd rather be knee-deep in a paint project than anywhere near a squeegee (sp?) or vacuum.

Many of you probably enjoy cleaning and find it therapeutic. I can understand this odd sense of attack-scrub mode about 4% of the time, although 90% of my time is spent trying to avoid the activity. (And the other 6% just wants to eat cookies in peace.)

What a thorough cleaning and pick-up session does, though, is make me realize I don't have to buy "stuff" to make things presentable, even pretty, around here.

Sure, I'd love to paint walls and frame out the bathroom mirror and replace shower curtains and vanity hardware. And I'll get to those things eventually, but for today, I need to take care of what I've got in the first place!

Plus, to be honest, it takes so much time to do a house-wide cleaning job, that I have no minutes to spare at the end of the day for shopping. :) Win-win.

Do any of you like cleaning? What's your most rewarding household chore? (Me: Doing dishes.) What's your worst chore? (Me: Dusting. Ugh.)
Or do you have your own method to combat the gimmes? I'd love to hear it. Because, in case you couldn't tell, having to clean is really something I could live without...
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  1. i hate doing dishes but since i hate seeing it undone in the sink so i do it anyway! haha my favorite is vacuuming the carpet - i love how the freshly vacuum carpet neat!


    1. Oh my gosh, let's be friends in real life and then swap chores. Deal?

  2. I'd rather organize something than clean any day. I just did an entire apartment clean and I think the most rewarding was cleaning the kitchen counters + stove. Both have to be done or it's like neither were done. Vacuuming is a close second.

    1. Oh, man. Stoves. Ugh. Those things are killer! So awkward to clean! But, yes, you're right--must be done.
      p.s. How's the running going, Colleen? Have you been able to get back into it?

    2. I'm doing between 12-15 miles/week now with the exception of 3 weeks ago where I ran 0 and worked out 0 times (I got hit with 2 different colds) I'm still struggling with the longer runs. I got so used to run groups to make the long runs go quick.

  3. ok so this is the first time I've been on your blog. I've read like 6 posts? I decided we should be best friends. I hate cleaning and I am so so bad at it. I also LOVE decorating but I'm terrible at that too! So...I'll learn from you about how to make my house pretty and in return I'll give you cookies ;)

    1. Deal. I don't know how helpful I'll be in the prettify-your-house department, but I can guarantee helping you get rid of platefuls of cookies. It's a win-win, really. :)
      Thanks for coming by, Bethany, and I hope you come back lots. I love e-friends!

  4. Okay, so I'm not the only mother with kids that get GOBS of toothpaste all over anything sink-related!! I mean, how do they do that?!?


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