Master Bedroom Makeover: Wall Art

Master Bedroom Makeover
Day 8: Wall Art
** Note: This post is part of a 12-step series in my master bedroom makeover. Links to the other (previous) steps are listed at the end of this post.

Okay, so here's my thing about art. It's deeply personal, what speaks to each of us, don't you think? I'm a little hesitant to share these with you (which I find strange...of all the things to hesitate on! Art?!), because part of me is all, "Other people know so much about art, they'll probably roll their eyes at this," and another part of me is like, "I need some more time to develop my art collection!" and the last part of me is going, "The snack situation around here stinks. Really? Chocolate chips on solo? Scraping the bottom of the barrel..."

Regardless, here's our master bedroom wall art as it currently stands, though it will likely change tomorrow. I'm fickle like that:

Here's before: one lone, sorry photo smack-dab between the window and bathroom.

 I replaced that with a watercolor my 4-year-old did. She calls it "Sunset on a Waterfall," and you can laugh your faces off at me, but I couldn't love it more. Also, I wanted it to be part of the bedroom itself and thus hung it lower and off-center of the wall, closer to the window.

The far corner also has a small trio of frames, one of which is our temple marriage certificate. (I know, I know. Awwww....) We noticed it was looking kind of faded, so that came down and is filed away for when we purchase a more protective glass frame.

I hung up this new organically themed trio of frames. I bought two of the prints from 20x200 a while ago and luuuuurve them. The texture shown in the Nature books photo is unreal, and I love the story behind it. And, hello, a random gumball machine on the sidewalk outside a chain link fence? The possibilities of interpretation are endless.

There. Art I love. Go ahead and laugh, if you must. I'll be over there, drowning my shame in a glass of chocolate (chip'd) milk...

Tomorrow is Day 9: Lighting. I have a super pretty DIY chandelier tutorial for you, so excited to share!

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  1. The watercolor art is priceless and one-of-a-kind. Your daughter will be forever proud that her mom would choose to hang it in her room. Got me thinking I'd love to have some of my kids art hanging up and I have the perfect wall for it. thanks!

    1. It's definitely one-of-a-kind! :) Thanks, Ali. Kid art is quite awesome...they put their heart and souls into their work, you know? It's inspiring on many levels.

  2. When I frame and hang documents I make a color copy and frame the copy. The original stays safe, but you have the look and sentiment of your certificates, diplomas and other valuable documents. Plus a good color copy cost less than 40 cents!

  3. I know I'm about two years too late, BUT I would never laugh at your daughter's work of art. First off, I expected to see a tutorial on how to marbleize canvas as that is the rage (not canvas, just marbleizing anything) in the future where I come from. Secondly the colors are stunning together and I think it is an aptly named piece. Very nice.


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