Grocery Shopping at Ikea...Minus the Groceries

I'm planning an Ikea adventure this weekend. Just some odds and ends to pick up...with no husband and four young kidlets in tow. Hoo boy. Here are some of the things on my list; we'll see what I actually end up bringing home:

Tray table a la (affordable) Saarinen style...ish:

Bunk beds for the girls' bedroom (although I'll admit, freely, that I'm super saddened to see their headboards go...):

Soap dispenser for the main bathroom:

Linen dish towels (I happen to love these):

Some frames, like this one:

 Wall-mounted reading lamps for the girls' bedroom:

A couple of stools for the girls' vintage double desk (I still can't get over how perfect this thing is!):

A couple of these clamp lamps for the kitchen (I have some ideas...):

Curtain rings for some new living room drapes thanks to the domino effect of decorating:

Plants (that's right, they're artificial. What of it?):
Some wall hooks, maybe like these, also for the girls' bedroom:
A tray or two (call me granny...I'm a sucker for purple accessories):
Some of these legs for a project I've got cooking...once it gets warm again!
And, let's be honest, probably about 50 bazillion other things will somehow end up in my cart. Because I'm impulsive like that.
What's your favorite thing to check out (or purchase) at Ikea? Am I forgetting some must-haves?
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